Thousands of residents across the region are still without power after the Nor'Easter that hit on Saturday. According to the Post, Con Ed says "9,000 customers on Staten Island had no juice, along with 1,470 in Queens, 3,700 in The Bronx, 650 in Brooklyn, and about 55,000 in Westchester." And Con Ed CEO Kevin Burke said, "This is the worst storm I've ever seen."

One family tells the Daily News that it's "not fair" their street isn't a Con Ed priority, because only two other houses lost power. Mary Ann Marando, who said her 86-year-old mother uses a nebulizer three times a day, fumed, "They said they cannot tell me when they will take care of our house because they are taking care of areas where there are more people." In NJ, 50,000 people are still in the dark from power outages while on Long Island, about 66,000 customers don't have power—the Long Island Power Authority is hoping to restore electricity by the end of the week.

Mayor Bloomberg said the city believe the storm damage "will be well over $25 million and that we'll qualify for federal monies, but it's just much too early to tell... What we do in this city is we first fix the problem and then we go try to find someone to pay for it. Some places, they do it in a reverse order, which is why we are sometimes, I think, treated unfairly by government."