Photos keep rolling in showing the sad tree carnage wrought by the tornadoes and macroburst that slammed Queens and Brooklyn last week. An estimated 2,000 trees were felled by the storm in Queens alone, and crews are still trying to clear away the devastation. Karyn Regal, who sent these photos of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, says that visiting the park yesterday "was like attending a funeral. It is truly mind-blowing. I grew up in New England, with blizzards galore, but this takes the cake."

We're told that this Saturday there's a volunteer cleanup effort being organized in Flushing Meadows park; it starts at 10 a.m. (Officials are asking that citizens do not try to clear downed trees by themselves but to instead call 311 for assistance.) The Parks Department will also have to cut down many otherwise healthy trees which had their tops sheared off by the tornado winds. For more storm porn, the Parks Department website is "Daily Plant" has a photo essay slideshow featuring more arboreal carnage.