12_17_04 Samarra Khaja
Whether or not New York City gets hit with snow on Sunday and Monday is still up in the air (pun intended). As of now it looks like the snow is more likely to affect eastern New England, but there is still much uncertainty as to where the storm may form. What does seem certain is that it is going to get cold early next week. If you're like Gothamist and plan to travel to traditional lake effect snow areas like upstate New York or eastern Ohio the cold air is going to ensure a white Christmas.

Gothamist continues to be entertained by the different forecast philosophies of AccuWeather and the National Weather Service. AccuWeather approach is to yell "big storm!" in their headlines but then whisper "well, maybe not" in the fine print. The Weather Service has a non-descript "50 percent chance of snow" in their forecast and is borderline neurotic, if meteorologically sensible, in their forecast discussion. If a storm is headed our way do you prefer a hyped-up warning or a low-key forecast?

Samarra Khaja leaves us a present in her last illustration of the week. We've really enjoyed the images she has given us (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and hope our readers have liked them as well. Thanks, Samarra! If you would like to illustrate the Gothamist weather posts for a week leave a note in the comments or drop us a line.