2007_04_giulianiclinton.jpgIt's fun with poll numbers time! Quinnipiac University released results of a poll that shows Senator Hillary Clinton besting former Mayor Rudy Giuliani 50-42 in New York State. Here are the match-ups Quinnipiac asked about:

- Clinton beats Sen. John McCain 55-34 percent
- Giuliani ties Illinois Sen. Barack Obama 44 - 44 percent
- 2004 vice presidential candidate John Edwards tops Giuliani 47 - 43 percent;
- Clinton over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 61 - 26 percent;
- Obama beats McCain 47 - 36 percent;
- Edwards over McCain 52 - 34 percent;
- Obama beats Romney 53 - 23 percent;
- Edwards tops Romney 59 - 21 percent.

Quinnipiac's Polling Institute director Maurice Carroll noted that New York is "still a blue state" and wonders if Clinton and Giuliani will bother coming for the primary in February, since they'll do well. And if you're wondering about former Vice President Al Gore and Law & Order actor (and former Senator) Fred Thompson's chances, Caroll said Gore is tied with Obama while Thompson "is doing almost as well as multi-millionaire Mitt Romney."

The Sun has a fun article about the "presidential Hamlets" - people who say they aren't running yet are contenders in polls (think Mayor B!). And there's lots of Giuliani-related news: former Governor Pataki says Giuliani or McCain as Republican candidate would fine with him, others think Giuliani's abortion stance will be trouble for him within the Republican party, and the former Mayor will definitely quit Giuliani Partners to concentrate on the campaign.

Photograph of Clinton and Giuliani in 2000 from AP