Residents in buildings with doormen, porters, and supers are getting jittery as the doorman's union and management are far apart in the new contract negotiations. However, the Realty Advisory Board (aka management) says that having different views is par for the course and that there's room to negotiate. The big sticking point for the union, Local 32BJ, is that management wants them to pay for 15% of their health care premiums, saying that the real estate business has been doing so well, management can afford to cover it. A reader told us that her doorman said negotiations were really bad, that this was the worst he'd seen it in 10+years...but the union seemed to be hinting that they might be willing to pay a small percentage of health care.

If there is a strike, that means building owners and residents will have to pitch in by removing their own garbage, according to am New York. There was a NY Times article about some people who don't want doormen buildings over the weekend, which we were amused by - some people were tired of needing to say hello to their doormen! Last year, a sociology book about Doormen was released, but what will happen if more people get cyberdoormen?