accuwx_spotty0627.jpgThis week's weather forecasts haven't been too accurate, but we'll try again. It now appears that the weekend will be hazy, hot and humid with a chance of showers or thunderstorms each day through Sunday. Showers are already popping up around the metro area this morning. Later in the day those showers may contain heavy downpours. This afternoon's high will be in the sticky upper 80s.

A warm and muggy air mass contains a high amount of what meteorologists call convective available potential energy. That may seem like impenetrable geek talk, but it just means that any little disturbance has the chance to set off the rapid development of showers and thunderstorms. The potential for showers will stick around through Sunday. Both Saturday and Sunday will remain warm and muggy with a good chance of afternoon and evening showers each day.

There is no reason to believe that any of this weekend's storms will contain showers of fish, but we can hope. On this date in 1901 hundreds of fish were reported to have fallen from the sky when a thunderstorm struck Tiller's Ferry, South Carolina. After the storm, catfish, perch and trout were seen swimming in puddles between rows of cotton plants.

Spotty storms Friday weather graphic from AccuWeather