Just as a great white shark once stalked Martin Brody's idyllic Amity Island beach, so too has a fanged creature put its mark on Steven Spielberg's younger sister, who says a coyote's been hanging out in the backyard of her Riverdale home.

58-year-old Nancy Spielberg told reporters that she found a coyote prowling her yard Thursday morning, where he seemed to be looking to make brunch out of some birdies. "He stood watching us in the kitchen for about 40 minutes and he would snap at birds," Spielberg told CBS 2. "He was trying to catch birds as they flew by to eat."

Apparently, Spielberg was most concerned that the coyote would try to snack on her poodle, Rambo. "This guy seemed a little more menacing, he lurked in the backyard,” she said. "I knew he was hungry and, you know, I got a little guy." And Spielberg isn't the only one in her neighborhood who's been paid a visit by IRL Wile E.—apparently, Riverdale residents have been dealing with them for years. "I saw one waking down Independence Avenue. I was driving my truck and it came down the middle of the road and it didn’t get out of my way," one neighbor told CBS 2. "I had to get out of its way."

Coyotes aren't complete strangers to the city; back in 2010, Parks Deputy Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey told us the animals have "a 60% chance of survival in urban areas due to the increased availability of food and less risk to them from hunting," and officials caught two cute little guys in Manhattan in January of this year alone. And though it's unwise to pet a coyote—the NY State DEC says that though they usually avoid interacting with humans, "[a] coyote that does not flee from people should be considered dangerous"—they're apparently quite useful when it comes to getting rid of rats.