Even though he made the most dramatic exit ever from his job last month, it seemed Steven Slater had second thoughts about leaving his post as a JetBlue flight attendant. However, last week the airline just made it official, saying Slater resigned or was fired or something. And today he'll be paying for his actions even more, as the NY Post reports he's in court today for a routine hearing on criminal-mischief charges.

Last month, after cursing out a passenger over the aircraft's intercom, grabbing two beers, and activating the emergency chute to slide away from his corporate prison, he not only received the criminal-mischief charge, but also reckless endangerment and trespassing charges. TMZ reports that the DA's office is evaluating Slater's mental health, and a plea bargain is expected to be reached, which would have Slater voluntarily seeking mental health treatment. According to the Daily News he's due back in court on October 19th.

Slater became a folk hero for a while after his Falling Down moment, but the tide eventually turned and the JetBlue CEO even declared that he was "no hero."