While for a short time it seemed as though Steven Slater's ceremonious exit from his flight attendant position at JetBlue would give him folk hero status, it turns out his path emergency chute less traveled only landed him in court. It was back in August that Slater told off a passenger over the aircraft's intercom, then upon landing at JFK grabbed two beers, activated the emergency chute, and slid away from his troubles... or so it seemed.

Today he was back in court, where he plead guilty to two counts of criminal mischief. TMZ reports that he won't end up behind bars, however—instead, Slater took a deal that will have him spending one year in a Queens mental health program; upon completion, he'll have to pay a $10,000 fine (the cost of repairing the chute he activated).

According to NBC, outside of Supreme Court in Kew Gardens, Queens, Slater told the awaiting press: "While the public interest was surprising for me, at the end of the day I am a grown-up. I must accept responsibility for my actions."