Former JetBlue flight attendant, and fleeting folk hero Steven Slater was back in court yesterday meeting with Judge Marcia Hirsch. In October Slater pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief after having a Falling Down moment on the job, telling off a passenger, activating an emergency chute, and sliding to his freedom with two beers in hand. He has agreed to get mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment, as well as pay JetBlue $10,000 for the chute. Yesterday Hirsch warned him to stay on the wagon during the stressful and spirited holiday season, the Daily News reports.

Slater told the judge, "I'm cognizant of that being an issue. I'm a little overhwhelmed. I'm trying to stay organized and focused and keep my priorities straight." Two priorities on his list: lose 25 pounds, and spend the holidays with his mother in California, whose cancer has gotten worse. He told Hirsch, "It's a difficult time right now. It's getting a bit more touch and go."

If you're wondering how he's planning on paying off that $10,000 bill to JetBlue... TMZ reports that he's selling $20 "Let It Slide" t-shirts. Get yours here!