Former Mets GM and now-fired ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips is headed to rehab for sex addiction. His agent Steve Lefkowitz told the Post that the 46-year-old "really needs help, and this was the best way to do it." Phillips' relationship with a 22-year-old ESPN production assistant was revealed last week, as well as some tawdry details.

Apparently Phillips entered treatment over 10 years ago, after allegations of sexual harassment when he was working for Mets; Lefkowitz added, "It was a bid to keep his life. He's going in for an illness. The problem is, he fell off the wagon...He knows he needs help, and he wants to work it out. He wants to keep his four boys and his wife. He doesn't want to lose them."

Marni Phillips (whom the Post calls "beautiful" in the caption of her photograph—the inset photograph is of production assistant Brooke Hundley) did file for divorce after Hundley allegedly harassed her and cyberstalked one of their sons. Hundley, who had also filed a restraining order on Phillips, was also fired from ESPN yesterday.