Former MVP quarterback Steve McNair was found dead inside a condo he rented in Nashville, TN yesterday, killed in what appears to be a murder-suicide with a woman he had been dating in recent months. The 36-year-old McNair, also known as "Air McNair," was found shot multiple times alongside 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi, who died of a single gunshot wound to the head. Police had not yet made an official ruling on the deaths, but a spokesman said, "At this moment nothing has been ruled out, but as far as actively looking for a suspect tonight, the answer would be no." The pair met while Kazemi was a waitress at Dave & Buster's and neighbors said that she had recently been seen coming home in limousines and had been driving an Escalade that she said her boyfriend had bought her. Kazemi had been arrested in that Escalade (registered to her and McNair) on Thursday for a DUI. An ex of hers told a local paper, "She did not deserve this. He was making her believe they were going to be together and everything would be perfect.” McNair, who led the Tennessee Titans to the Super Bowl in 1999 and retired from the Baltimore Ravens in 2007, leaves behind a wife and four children.