Back in law school gubernatorial hopeful Steve Levy had a mustache AND a beard! The bushy hair on his face—along with the towel on his head and the rifle slung over his shoulder—was integral to his 1983 terrorist Halloween costume, dug up recently from the St. John's University Law School yearbook, and exposed via the Daily News.

According to a spokesman for the recently declared Republican, the costume was "of course...a joke...I suppose if you were to go back another 20 years you could find photos of him dressed as Zoro or Superman." But the timing isn't the best. Today Levy's campaign sent out a press release reminding the electorate that Rick Lazio displeased female voters in 2000 when he ran against Hillary Clinton for the senate; in the black and white snapshot a grinning Levy is holding a fake gun to the throat of his equally wide-lipped lady companion.

Now, whether or not voters take the picture to heart, Terrorist Levy will join Borat Levy, and Kate Winslet in Titanic Levy in the candidate's every-growing avatar club.