Last Friday, cops were investigating the fall of a seven-year-old girl from a sixth floor window in Brooklyn. Not only did the girl suffer punctured lungs and a shattered pelvis, she apparently had signs of abuse as well as traces of marijuana and methadone in her system. Now police have arrested her 19-year-old stepmother, Diane Metallus, and charged her with assault and child endangerment.

Prior to the fall, the girl had gone missing from her stepmother's family's home in the Gravesend Houses (the girl, her father and Metallus were visiting from Florida). According to the Daily News, "The 7-year-old ran away, but was found by police and returned a short time later, officials said. Outraged, Metellus whipped the child and told her to stay in the room where they were staying, according to sources."

Metallus allegedly kept her in a room without window guards and her family heard the girl's screams when she fell out of the window.

The NYPD and Administration for Children's Services are investigating. The girl also reportedly has signs of sexual abuse, but investigators have not been able to speak with her yet.