One of the highlights of Stephon Marbury's years with the Knicks did not come from the basketball court but from WNBC's studios. His July 2007 "Mike'd Up" interview with Bruce Beck will live on as nearly-10 minutes of local sports legend (video below), because not only does it have super-optimistic proclamations about the terrible Knicks and Isiah Thomas' coaching abilities, there's Marbury says of a call from his wife, "I'm sorry. That's my better half. That's my better 'ho. My better half, my wife," and Marbury dancing in his seat while making funny faces. Last night, Marbury returned to "Mike'd Up" to explain what happened that night.

As it turns out, Marbury denies that he was drunk or otherwise influenced. He reminded Beck, who was filing in again for Mike Francesa (Mike is no fan of Marbury's), that they had "laughing, buggin' out " in the make-up room before segment, "We was having fun." Beck asked how many people ask him about the bizarre interview and Marbury deflected the question saying people would think what they wanted to, "It is what it is," but recognized it's a beloved Internet clip.

Marbury will be playing in China this upcoming season (and two more!)—he did say "Ni hao" to Beck.