Self-styled "Playboy Centerfold & Celebrity Author" Stephanie Adams (left) and her lawyer Sanford Rubenstein held a press conference yesterday announcing her lawsuit against a taxi driver, the NYPD and the City of New York. Adams claims "that officers roughed her up based on the cabbie's false accusation that she was armed and dangerous." Maybe you remember? The city "had no immediate response" to the allegations. Cabby Eric Darko, who had his license suspended after he told a TLC "agency prober" that Adams "showed him her vampire teeth," told the AP he "didn't do nothing."

Meanwhile, in other Stephanie Adams legal news, her defamation and libel suit against Metadish (né BlogNYC) continues. Her lawyer in that case, Brown Rudnick's Martin Siegel, is currently refusing to respond to Metadish's discovery questions in writing. Siegel will only communicate via letters if Metadish refrains from publishing the legal correspondence on the internet as Ms. Adams is a 'private' person. To which the defense attorney Neal Johnston (full disclosure: our dad) responds:

You chose to file and serve a public complaint charging James Poling with printing defamatory statements about a supposedly 'private' person, Ms. Adams. The interrogatories you don't want to answer in public seek to pin you down as to just what statements you think were defamatory, just how Ms. Adams was monetarily damaged by any of Poling's statements, and just why the self-promoting "spokesmodel in the gay community. . . author of 16 books . . . and renowned international psychic/astrologist. . ." thinks she can seriously contend that she is not a public person. If she is not a public person, it ain't for want of rather desperate trying.

Photograph by AP Photo/Tina Fineberg.