Police have arrested and charged a 3-year-old Bronx girl's stepfather in her death after it was ruled a homicide yesterday. India Durant died of blunt force trauma to the chest and other internal injuries; stepfather Kenneth Williams had told cops that India had just fallen off a chair. “I lost my world. That was my only child, that was my baby girl, that was my little princess,” said Marquis Eaddy, India's biological fatber.

Eaddy told CBS his theory on what may have happened to the little girl: “I think she probably wet herself or peed herself and they went too far in hitting her or trying to punish because they was upset and the end result of it is she died.” India's grandmother Sharon Eaddy said she was in shock from the death: “A little 3-year-old girl just killed by falling out of the chair. I didn’t understand that at all."

India lived with Williams and mother Lauren Durant, who was working at her job as a home health aid when the incident happened on Southern Boulevard in East Tremont. Babysitter Annie Alvarado sometimes seemed a little off around Williams: “I saw her, she was like a little bit sad, she wasn’t always laughing like she usually did.” Williams has been charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment.