The New York Times just reported that a new phenomenon might be upon us, one that seems to be causing less and less sunshine to reach the earth’s surface. More specifically, about 10% less sunshine over the last 50 years has shone down upon us already ‘Sunlight Deprived’ New Yorkers.

The first to make this discovery was a geography researcher by the name of Atsumu Ohmura. Back in 1985 he discovered measurements of sunlight recorded around Europe were much lower than what was measured by his predicessors back in the 60s. At first many dismissed it. Then others started to prove the same finding and now researchers are spending more time investigating the causes and effects of global dimming. So far they believe it boils down to air pollution. Tiny particles of soot or chemical compounds like sulphates reflect sunlight (which is bad) and promote the formation of bigger, longer lasting clouds.

The effects are still pretty uncertain but one major problem it could cause is with photosynthesis. This could mean slower growing crops, which translates to no more baby country greens with lime vinaigrette on the side at your next meal out on the town.

Now do you see our concern?