The passing of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner this year didn't help his chances at being elected into the Hall of Fame, apparently. ESPN is reporting that he received less than eight of the needed 13 votes this time around, and won't be eligible for entry again until 2013, when the selection committee next convenes. Guess who else didn't make it in?

Also on the ballot this year were Yankees second baseman and manager Billy Martin (known for his tempestuous relationship with Steinbrenner), as well as pitchers Ron Guidry and Tommy John. None received enough votes to make it into the hall this time around either.

So who is headed for Cooperstown this year? Just one man, longtime Blue Jays General Manager Pat Gillick.

Big Stein may not have been perfect, but there's no arguing that building the Yankees up to the team they are today (and guiding them to 11 pennants and 7 World Series championships) is an extraordinary feat. Just not Hall of Fame-worthy, yet.