This past weekend's weather resembled a kind of hell, but we were thankful the city managed to avoid another blackout. Not only did Con Ed set a weekend power usage record, we also got slammed with thunderstorms bringing a few inches of rain. Parts of northern NJ are without power until tomorrow afternoon, but NYC seems to be all right, not counting some flickering due to brownouts and mometarily glitches. Gothamist's own personal experience with the rain yesterday turned out usually 10 minute trip from Penn Station back to home into a 1 hour sweaty journey, thanks for a flood condition at an uptown station, with a bunch of other ragtag straphangers who bonded by asking subway conductors if the uptown C train was actually running and clapping when it arrived after three A trains and four D trains. Misery loves company!

Today's weather is supposed to be in the mid 80s with a "slight chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm," according to WNBC.