Lots of JFK-related news: Cargo handlers at JFK were charged with stealing $20,000 of goods from an airport duty-free company - including those mini bottles of alcohol! The Daily News reports that five handlers, working for Sky Chef, were arrested earlier in the week "on charges of either stealing or having in their possession hundreds of mini bottles of liquor along with various items of jewelry, watches, perfume and pens." The handlers were going to sell them neighborhood delis! We can just see it - head into your outer borough bodega and buy that Dior perfume. Would people trust that it was real Dior? Or maybe it would be an under-the-counter purchase...it all makes us curious about the underground markets of local bodegas.

This take is nothing compared to the $1.5 million haul LaGuardia employees orchestrated in 2003 - all in 400,000 mini bottles, which would have been sold to bodegas and liquor stores.