Are the evicted squatters of Orient Avenue lashing out? One local wrote in to FreeWilliamsburg to describe their terrifying experience on the street (where parts of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind were filmed, and where Michel Gondry himself just moved). She reports back: "On Thursday evening at 7:30 pm I was walking home along Orient Ave., listening to my iPod, when I was approached by a guy with a steak knife in his hand. He demanded my bag, yanked it from me, and started to leave. When he was a few steps away I panicked and began screaming...He turned back around and proceeded to stab me once in the chest - perforating a lung - and once in the arm. Luckily for me the blade broke and was left hanging out of my arm. I think that he would have continued attacking me if this had not happened." Luckily, her neighbors came out and helped her stay awake until the ambulance arrived, but her attacker is still out there. She described the man as "age 20-22, biracial, approx 6ft and 170lbs, wearing a Mets hat."