We know it's been hot these past nineteen days of July. And now, it's going to thunderstorm-y. The Post says, "Now we can expect at least a week's worth of thunder and lightning with sporadic storms barreling through the city almost every day through the end of the week."

According to the National Weather Service, there's a chance of 30% chance of precipitation tonight—and a 30-40% chance tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday (looks like Thursday is the only dry day—which bodes well for the screening of The Big Lebowski in Brooklyn Bridge Park).

Last night, a sudden storm wreaked havoc in the area, as lightning, thunder and hail struck towns in NJ and New York. In Middletown, NJ, a lightning strike caused a house fire and as onlookers were gathered to watch the response, lightning then hit some of the onlookers. In Orange County, NY, one resident told WABC 7, "It was one of the most violent storms I've ever see. A humongous lighting strike came down, the size I've never seen before. And it hit and then it was an explosion that sounded like the Hiroshima bomb."

The storm's spontaneous appearance overturned a sailing camp's boats near Belmar, NJ and 37 children had to be rescued.