2005_03_psp.jpgThe NYPD announced an increase in subway crimes, many of them stemming from people stealing iPods and cellphones. NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told the media, "The robbery increase is linked to a rash of forced taking of cell phones and iPods by juveniles from other juveniles." But it doesn't stop at the subways: Apparently people listening to their iPods at bus stops are very enticing to thieves. A police source tells the Daily News that many iPod thefts happen at night:

The crooks grab an iPod and jump off trains just as the doors are closing - an old-time technique that's proven useful in snatching the high-tech devices. "They time it right and they're home free," the officer said.

The NYPD stressed that while subway felonies are up 14% versus one year ago, the subways are still safer than than were in the 1995-2000 period. Still, all of you who got your Playstation Portables at midnight last week and are whiling away subway waits with them: BEWARE.

Do you do anything special to prevent people from stealing your prized gadgets? Do you have a different set of headphones for your iPod? Do you purposefully not put deodorant on so no one approaches you? And Gothamist on school kids being targeted for their iPods.