The House of Representatives voted to reopen the Statue of Liberty's crown, which had been closed due to security concerns. (Today visitors can go to the pedestal, but that's it.) Congressman Anthony Weiner spoke before the House, "We figured out a way to open the Capitol. We figured out a way to open the Washington Monument. We figured out a way to open Hoover Dam." Good point, but he also said, "We need to break the ties that bind Miss Liberty and that continue to make her a laughingstock for al Qaeda." Anyway, the passed proposed will allocate $1 million from government salaries to security for the statue.

NewYorkology points out that terrorism wasn't the reason why the National Park Service kept the crown closed: An NPS called it a "firetrap" with "only one entrance, no firewalls and a several building code violations, the top would have been difficult to evacuate in case of fire." Sounds like a good reason to us!

When you visit the Statue of Liberty, you need to make reservations.