After years of being out of tourists' reach, the Statue of Liberty's crown will reopen tomorrow. Groups of 30 people at time will be able to travel all the way to the top of the landmark, and two of the people in the first group are Aleyna Bartnick and her father Chris. The Merrick 8-year-old, whose mother passed away a year after her birth, is fascinated with the Statue of Liberty and her nanny April Shrader snagged tickets, thanks to two phones and the redial button. Shrader told Newsday, "If I told her I'd gotten Jonas Brothers tickets, she could care less. But when she found out she was going to the Statue of Liberty, she was jumping up and screaming like most kids do for Hannah Montana." Aleyna excitedly said, "I've only seen pictures of it, and I know it's special because it welcomes the people who come to America," and showed off her knowldge—"The seven points on the crown represent the seven continents and the seven seas." Awww. Also: The Daily News had an essay contest, picking five kids (one from each borough, natch) to visit the crown tomorrow—the kids met Rep. Anthony Weiner, who said their essays will be printed in the Congressional Record. Nice!