The Statue of Liberty reopens today after being closed since September 11, 2001. City and state officials have been working on upgrading the security of the monument, which will now allow visits to the statue's pedestal but no further. On the Today show, Matt Lauer mentioned that Senator Charles Schumer said that opening only part of the statue is a half-victory for terrorists and Mayor Bloomberg said that the space in the statue is small and confined and officials had to take that into account when planning possible evacuation measures; the Mayor also noted that when he was young, he never got to go to the torch. One of the new features of the Statue is a glass ceiling that lets visitors see the metal scaffolding and staircases inside the statue, as well as a cool glass elevator, which makes Gothamist think of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, natch.

The official National Parks Department Statue of Liberty site where visitor information is available; you can make reservations for visits by calling 1-866-STATUE-4.