The Statue of Liberty's crown reopened to the public this morning after being closed down since 9/11, making today possibly the biggest reason to celebrate the Fourth inside Lady Liberty since she turned 100 and reopened from renovations in 1986.

After the initial tour of the crown was given to a group of men and women from the armed forces, some of the young winners of an essay contest got to take in the view that has been unavailable for most of their lifetimes. One youngster told the News it was "unbelievable" and another deemed it "the coolest thing ever."

The Post reports that there's been an effort to prevent scalping for much-coveted giveaway crown tickets, but just yesterday four found their way onto Craigslist for $200. The posting appears to be be taken down as of now with the agency Liberty Cruises keeping a close eye on the internet for anyone else attempting to capitalize on the big moment. A spokeswoman said, "We didn't want to turn it into a situation like a Bruce Springsteen ticket. We will not tolerate this kind of thing."

Now let's cross our fingers that there are no Saboteur moments anytime soon!