ernesto_828.jpgCurse you stationary front! Because of your unpredictable behavior, which makes your name a misnomer, Gothamist has had to revise our last two weather posts to catch up with changing conditions. You are a vacillating front not a stationary front! You moved south through town on Friday, took a weekend in Rehoboth Beach, headed north through the city last night before reversing direction late this morning. Staying to our south means the rainy weather will continue, but we won't get the unpleasantly warm and sticky weather.

The good news is that the stationary front reign will only last another day or so. An approaching polar, yes polar, air mass will kick all this moisture out to sea late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Showers may linger into Wednesday morning, but once they get kicked out August will end on a cool note, with high temperatures in the mid-70s. Weather trivia: today is the last day of the year in which the average temperature is above 80 degrees!

Not that anyone needs a reminder but tomorrow is the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall on the Gulf Coast (technical report (as a pdf) from the National Hurricane Center; Wikipedia overview). Tropical Storm Ernesto, which was briefly Hurricane Ernesto, is crossing Cuba today. Once Ernesto gets over water again he is expected to return to hurricane strength. Ernesto is predicted to clip south Florida near Miami late tomorrow night.

A final semi-related note: On September 15th, the New York Botanical Garden is hosting a half-day symposium, Climate Change: Prospects for Nature at the AXA Equitable Center in Midtown. Space is limited and it will cost you, but Al Gore is the keynote speaker.

Tropical Storm Ernesto, looking very much like a glowing skull from a Scooby-Doo episode, between Haiti and Cuba from the Naval Research Labs.