Police are searching for the man accused of shooting two workers at a Long Island lighting company yesterday—killing one of them. The suspect, Queens resident Sang Ho Kim, 64, is described as "a very dangerous individual" whose car was found late last night north of Cold Spring in Putnam County. A Nassau County police spokesman said, "The search is still ongoing."

Authorities say that Kim entered Savenergy Inc. in Garden City at 10:10 a.m. Newsday reports that he "shot and killed an employee and shot the company owner over a soured business relationship." The company owner, John Choi, is in critical condition.

Then Kim fled in a white Honda Pilot, prompting the police to lock down the nearby Roosevelt Field Mall and schools during their search. A Connecticut woman told Newsday she heard gunfire when she was outside the mall, "People were running around; it was pretty chaotic. Cops were everywhere, and people were running. I'm shaken up."

A few hours after the shooting, Kim allegedly left a message with his sister. She said, "My brother left message on suicide: 'I love you so much, I love my family.' I'm upset. I hope he's not dying... My whole family is waiting for him."

Kim's sister told Newsday that her brother was a "very, very nice man" and that he and Choi were supposed to meet on Tuesday about a business dispute, but Choi didn't show up.

NBC New York reported that Kim has a "record of arrests dating back to 1997, when he faced a charge of driving as an unlicensed operator in Westchester. In 1998, he was arrested in Queens on a DWI charge and was arrested on the same charge in Manhattan's Riverbank State Park in 2006. In 2008, he was arrested for trademark counterfeiting in New Jersey."

Nassau County and Putnam County police as well as state police and the FBI are involved in the investigation. One Putnam County resident, Mike Powell, told the Journal News, "It's tragic what has happened. It's not the guns. It's a piece of steel. It's the person that's pulling the trigger. The world is just getting crazier." He added the suspect is "either going on trails toward Wappingers or eastbound. There's a lot of caves up there. I grew up in these woods."