This weekend, someone or someones, burnt down a 12-foot tall red, white and blue "T" erected in Staten Island in support of orange American Mussolini Donald Trump. Uncowed by whoever burned the sign, the artist behind the "T" unveiled an even larger red, white and blue "T" in front of the same house yesterday.

The "T" designer, "Creative Patriot" Scott LoBaido appeared with homeowner Sam Pirozzolo yesterday to unveil their new, 16-foot "T" for Trump sign (artfully named "Freedom of Speech") according to the Daily News, and revealed they had also gotten a supportive phone call from Donald Trump himself after the original sign was torched.

This isn't LoBaido's first brush with fame from his art. The Guardian has a rundown of his tireless self-promotion, from the time he burst onto the scene by throwing horse manure at the Brooklyn Museum in 1999 as a protest over an exhibit to his construction of a 20-foot cigarette he brought to City Hall with the message "Bend Over Bloomberg" as a way to protest the indoor smoking ban and his decapitation of an effigy of a lawyer in the middle of Broadway whom LoBaido deemed unpatriotic. He also tangled with the Westboro Baptist Church, which is the express track to press attention.

We also know that this isn't LoBaido's first Trump-related art, as he also painted a picture of Donald Trump that at least made it as far as Eric Trump:

The torching of the original sign is being investigated as an arson, which doesn't go quite far enough for Pirozzolo, who told the Staten Island Advance he wanted the arson declared a hate crime.