Staten Island might be the borough that demands the greatest need for its residents to have a vehicle, but that doesn't mean that drivers there by any means enjoy smooth sailing. Shaolin natives have been sending in reports to the SI Advance saying the roads feel like obstacle courses, have led to blown tires and even cause them to come up with creative directions in order to avoid the many problematic spots. The most horrific account comes from Rich Blazewicz of Great Kills who tells the paper how his ten-year-old daughter Gina "was hospitalized for two days with a concussion last month after she tripped in a pothole on Linton Place while playing basketball. She fell backward and hit her head...and was spitting up blood after the fall." Residents complain that when the DOT does show up, they only provide band-aid fixes that wash away after four or five storms. A rep for the DOT defends their current job performance saying, "Most roads have a 20-year cycle, with the evidence of a lack of investment in their upkeep showing up years—even decades—later."