2007_10_babybear.jpgThe hunting season only started on Saturday, but one New Yorker is already in a lot of trouble after some pretty stupid moves. Rosebank resident Alfons Ndokaj was charged with unlawfully hunting a bear cub amongst a number of other violations.

Ndokaj shot and killed a 40-pound bear that was less than a year old in Sullivan County. The Department of Environmental Conservation was tipped off and later tracked Ndokaj at a Middletown taxidermist, where he tried to get the cub stuffed. Not only is it illegal to hunt bear cubs, Ndokaj didn't have a hunting license (he had one in his wife's name), admitted to using bait to lure deer (also illegal), and was driving an unregistered ATV on a public highway.

Ndokaj has an appearance on October 31 in front of Mamakating Town Court; the hunting of a bear cub is a misdemeanor with a punishment of up to a year in jail and a $2000 fine.

Hunting is regulated by the State Department of Environment Conservation, which has many rules and guidelines. And hunting is illegal in the five boroughs.