Five Staten Island teenagers have been arrested and charged with second degree gang assault for jumping another teen outside his high school and beating him so bad that his jaw had to be wired shut. The victim ended up with a broken and dislocated jaw, a broken cheek bone, cuts on his elbows and arms, and a concussion. The gang showed up at St. Joseph's by-the-Sea in Hugenot and 18-year-old Mark D'Ambrosi (pictured) called out the 16-year-old victim, who is a student there. After the victim started getting the best of his aggressor, the other four then jumped in and gave him the beating of his life. A police source tells the SI Advance that the victim was able to "hold his own at the very least. And that's not good enough for (D'Ambrosi). So they decided to pummel the kid." The Advance reports that the beef was over the victim allegedly "using the Internet to chat with a high school girl who was dating a friend of the five arrested."