Welcome to the first day of summer! Truly it's the most magnificent time of year, a time full of beaches, revelry, bar backyards and of course, sharks. Are you afraid of sharks ruining your good time at the beach? Then don't read this story about a Staten Island teen catching a 4-foot shark on the south shore of the island (jk please read and share this alarming piece of web content on all your social media platforms).

According to SiLive.com, 18-year-old Anthony DeNicola was fishing off the Lemon Creek fishing pier this weekend when he reeled in a friendly, 4-foot-long shark. DeNicola told the site that it might have been a sand tiger shark, and while he's reeled in a few of the toothy predators, he'd never come across one that large. While not large enough to kill you or take some healthy chomps out of your boat, DeNicola did say that he thought the shark was large enough to "probably take a chunk out of your leg."

So if you value either one of your legs, take care when you go swimming at Lemon Creek Park, because DeNicola also tossed the shark back. So it could still be out there, or it could even have a family, as the prophesy has foretold.

Before you refuse any beach trips for the rest of the summer, it would be only be fair to mention that while sure, there have been a couple great whites spotted in the Rockaways the last couple of years (and one subway shark), there hasn't been a recorded shark attack in New York City in over 60 years. Or does that just mean a shark attack is long overdue, and it could be you...