A Staten Island teenager is in custody after beating his father within an inch of his life over the weekend. James DeLeo, Jr. was charged with attempted murder after attacking his father so severely that it put James DeLeo, Sr. into a coma and included bashing his father's head in with a shovel. Police say that the son was sent into a rage when his father confronted him about staying out too late (the victim was found by police following the fight at 8:30 a.m. Sunday). The teenager first threatened his father with a knife, knocked him down with a punch to the face, stomped and kicked him until he lost consciousness and finally went outside to get a shovel that he would then bash his father's head in with. A roommate who lived with the two DeLeos in Willowbrook called 911 and the son was quickly arrested after an initial unsubstantiated claim that someone else carried out the attack. The elder DeLeo is currently listed in critical but stable condition. A public defender for the son requested his client receive a psychological evaluation before his next court appearance.