Everyone deals with broken hearts in a different way: some people hire their friends to shoot them in the back to win their ex's sympathy, while other people prefer hiring perfect strangers to shoot them for the same purpose. A Staten Island man who was brokenhearted over his ex-girlfriend allegedly hired some strangers to shoot him to win back his ex.

David Bovino, 30, took his plan one step further, by blaming the incident on "two black men", who he said had mugged and shot him. Using the anonymous "two black men" excuse? Has he learned nothing from The View?

Bovino told police the so-called robbery occurred around 2 a.m. at a bus stop at the entrance to Wolfe’s Pond Park; he claimed two black men "emerged from the wooded area" and demanded his cash, and he was shot in the arm in the ensuing struggle. But police quickly tore apart his story: "He had broken up with his girlfriend," said one source. "He wanted sympathy."

Now, police believe Bovino recruited two people to do the shooting, instructing them to only graze him. He's been arrested and charged with filing a false report and reckless endangerment. If Bovino were really smart, he would have played the hero instead of the victim, by hiring someone to rob his ex, and then thwarting them. That surely would have worked like a charm!