A Staten Island Powerball winner might have to pay a chunk of his fortune to the cyclist he doored with his truck in Park Slope last month.

Anthony Perosi Jr. hit the $136 million jackpot in May, having fortuitously remembered that he'd tucked the winning ticket behind a pipe in his basement.

But Perosi Jr.'s luck changed after he apparently opened his door into Kieran Del Pasqua, who was riding in the bike lane when he found himself unable to stop in time to avoid the door of Perosi's Ford F150.

A lawsuit says that Del Pasqua's injuries were so severe he had to have screws surgically implanted in his elbow.

“Lottery winners may feel and act carefree, but like the rest of us, they still owe a duty of reasonable care for the safety of their fellow citizens,” Del Pasqua’s attorney told the Post. “Good luck is no substitute for careful driving and responsible behavior.”

Del Pasqua has not been able to return to his job—he works as a design director for Spotify—since the crash. According to the tabloid, his wife called Perosi to get details for an accident report, at which point Perosi acknowledged the crash but "scoffed" at Del Pasqua's injuries.