Long the most ignored borough, Staten Island is feeling particularly overlooked as their streets continue to be filled with potholes (much to the chagrin of Pothole Phil). Now, City Councilman James Oddo wants the Department of Transportation to explain their negligence. The Staten Island Advance reports that Mr. Oddo has invited the DOT to a "Road Conditions Summit," hoping they will discuss plans to fix up damaging and dangerous potholes in the city's most car-dependent borough. "We want to know what the next 100 streets are, what the plan is to get us to consistently driveable [sic] streets."

Just last month, the Bloomberg administration celebrated the filling of their 2 millionth pothole in Midland Beach, Staten Island, declaring, "We have given New Yorkers the power to help the City get the job done through 311, and by adding another set of eyes on the street with our SCOUT inspectors." But the DOT has fallen behind on that task for Staten Island. At least nobody's blowing the situation out of proportion—one local just thinks the holes on his block feel like "craters that could have been made by a B-52 air strike," that's all.

Mr. Oddo wrote a letter to DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, saying, "I have read numerous accounts of how cities across this nation are currently struggling with the personnel and budgetary challenges created by street conditions left in the wake of such a miserable winter. With that said, however, Staten Islanders expect their government to have an answer to this problem." He has been crusading for long-lasting repairs like "strip-paving" instead of individual pothole repairs, and more durable concrete bases for the streets. This fiscal year, the DOT has already filled 42,915 potholes in the borough, but there are still a lot more Staten Island holes to go.