A pair of Staten Islanders were arrested last week after cops busted them for keeping an arsenal of weapons, which they claimed were in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

According to the Post, 42-year-old Nelson Quinones and 37-year-old Meritza Hay were arrested on Friday after cops searched their Richmond home on a warrant, unearthing in the process two loaded pistols and 43 rounds of ammo. Quinones was also reportedly armed with a gravity knife, which are illegal in New York.

Sources told the tabloid that Quinones claimed the weapons were in preparation for waging war against the undead, and that he told law enforcement he "climbs trees" for a living. (Hay clarified that his work was actually in "flying kites." It feels safe to say the cops were getting their chains yanked.)

Quinones, a known member of Latin Kings, was released Monday on $20,000 bail, and can now resume building his anti-zombie fortress. Hay, who was convicted of misdemeanor drug possession in 2010, faces two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, the Staten Island Advance reports.

Anyway, their efforts are futile—zombies were like, five HBO shows ago. When two percent of the world's population vanishes into thin air, your weapons will be useless.