2007_09_tmntmich.jpgA Staten Island man was about to fall asleep early Thursday morning only to be woken up when someone broke into his apartment - little did he know that it was the 'Ninja Burgler'. Phil Chiolo heard his cat Tippy growl, which was unusual, before hearing something fall downstairs. While in the kitchen investigating the sound, Chiolo saw someone dressed in, "a Halloween-like ninja outfit, with just his eyes peering out." Soon afterwards, the ninja struck him on the shoulder with nunchucks. After taking cover, Chiolo was hit again with the nunchucks, this time in the head. Now laying on his countertop, he took a 6-inch steak knife for self-defense, and eventually stabbed the ninja in the chest after the stealth assailant continued his assault.

Not surprisingly, he isa ninja after all, the stabbed man didn't make a sound after being stabbed. He just ran off into the night. Chiolo was left with a bruise on his shoulder and a knot on his head from the attempted burglary. The 'Ninja Burglar' is suspected in 13 other burglaries in the area.