The mosque proposed for Staten Island has been voted down by the church that was going to sell the property to The Muslim American Society [MAS]. You'll recall that the pastor of the church had quietly signed a contract to sell the old convent to MAS, and then some Staten Island locals (i.e. NYC rednecks) caught wind of it, and held ugly protests to stop it, because it would have "made it difficult to find parking." It's also probably too close to Ground Zero, and would stab poor Sarah Palin in the heart. Or as one protester put it, "We just want to leave our neighborhood the way it is—Christian, Catholic."

The church's pastor changed his mind in the midst of the uproar, and since the contract stipulated that the sale had to be approved by the board of trustees of St. Margaret Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, today the decision was reversed, according to SI Live. Chalk another one up for Real America! The church won't get its $750,000, the convent will remain empty and fall into disrepair, and the residents of Midland Beach will never be terrorized by an anti-American lack of parking.