Led by one of the victims of an alleged gay bashing at a White Castle, Staten Island residents held a one mile march for an end to the string of bias attacks that have taken place in the borough this year. It was one of three held yesterday. Beating victim Richard Viera said, "You never really imagine it happening to yourself...It’s not a gay issue, a Latino issue—it’s a human issue."

Viera spoke out about his attack, saying the suspects came up to him and his partner as they were eating and used an "inappropriate slur." Then the suspect "punched [his] partner in the head for no reason." Though the rally was organized and largely attended by the LGBT community, members of the borough's Latino community were out denouncing the hate crimes as well. "It's distressing to see the people of Hispanic origin get attacked on the streets," said Angel Love Figureoa from Castleton Corners. “Thank God no one has been killed yet, but we are not going to wait for that point to happen."

Both the NYPD and the Guardian Angels—both of which have been on patrol in the Port Richmond area—handed out reading materials about hate crimes, and State Assemblyman Matthew Titone assured, "These crimes are being committed by a very, very small population of fearful, barbaric monsters." Demonstrators planted a “healing garden" outside the White Castle, and more events speaking out against the crimes are planned for the coming days.