A Staten Island man proved that he's luckier than you yesterday by collecting the $14 million jackpot in the New York State Lottery. According to the Post, 50-year-old Edward Foti usually purchased his lotto tickets at a Brooklyn Deli, but on August 17 he was moved to buy it at Clinton News on Clinton Street in Brooklyn. He found out the next day that he won, but returned to his lunch break as usual. "I ate my ham and cheese sandwich," he joked to the Daily News. Lesson: always obey those impulses to stray from your routine.

Foti, a divorced father who works as a grievance representative for the SEIU (fire up those Selectrics, NY Post editorial board!) elected to receive a lump sum of a little more than $9 million. After Uncle "Grabby Hands" Sam gets to it, he'll net $5.6 million. And Foti says he'll stay at his job, despite being a millionaire. "I found out I was a winner, and I went back to work," he said in a release. "I represent people who are out of work, so I have to do my work."