Potholes are a scourge whose depths of evil know no end: already, the DOT has had to fill more than 45,000 potholes, cave ins and the like since the first storm hit in December. There are tons of people writing about their struggles with them on NY1 and CNN, and we had our own brush with these doomholes when we were trapped on i278/BQE for over two hours last week due to "pothole maintenance." But now, there is one Staten Island man leading the charge against these portals of dilapidated pavement.

Jack Graziano has started a one-man campaign to warn people about the dangers of potholes on a particularly damaged stretch of Amboy Road in S.I., and he brings with him a chilling message: "The accident is waiting to happen but when it does it’s going to be massive. It’s such a combination of potholes that the people are going in the wrong lane to avoid them." Graziano is basically a real-life version of Dennis Quaid's scientist from The Day After Tomorrow, and the politicians just won't listen to him. He described driving over the road: "I go over the bumps and my teeth rattle...You’ve gotta see it over here; it’s devastation, it’s demolished, it looks like the whole street is not even there no more."

Graziano is facing a steep battle to get pol's to listen to him; asked today about the pothole problem, Mayor Bloomberg somehow blamed them on the big bad that is Albany...and he shares Graziano's fears for the future: "If we don’t get some help in terms of relieving some of the mandates we have, the cuts from the state are going to be very difficult to deal with...Do we have enough resources? No. And the future is - unless we can get some help from Albany in reducing some of the mandates - the future is going to mean even more sacrifice and fewer abilities to respond quickly. That’s just the real world."