A Staten Island man has been convicted for biting his 6-month-old dog on the ear, a habit he claims is only an expression of love. Moshe Sharon was sentenced to 15 days of community service and ordered to pay a $250 fine after his Yorkshire Terrier Shakshuka needed surgery treatment for hematoma following one of Sharon's bites.

Sharon remains defiant, however, and told the New York Post “I’m not guilty of anything...I’m not doing 15 days of community service.” In court filings, Sharon admitted he liked biting Shakshuka "to show affection," and admitted he couldn't help himself.

According to a criminal complaint, Sharon, 44, bit his dog so hard it required veterinary attention at some point between November 7th and 11th. While at the St. Francis Animal Hospital in Eltingville seeking care for Shakshuka, Sharon was caught biting the pup's ear multiple times. SI Live reports Sharon was charged with torturing and injuring animals in early February and was sentenced earlier this month.

As part of his guilty plea, Sharon has been forced to give up care of the terrier, and is barred from owning an animal for the next three years. Prosecutors told the Staten Island Advance that Shakshuka is in good health with her new owners.