Some people get home drunk and simply pass out watching infomercials or repeatedly call ex-girlfriends while sobbing into a pillow. But not Staten Island's Scott Harris! After returning to the house he shares with his father at 4:30 a.m. after a night of drinking, he knew there was no better way to round out the evening than by firing his dad's gun into the air. In celebration of... Monday morning on Staten Island?

After squeezing off the round, Harris obviously wanted share the exhilarating experience with his friends on Facebook, too. But one joykill neighbor who heard the shot had to go and call the cops, and now his Facebook overshare is being used as evidence against him. Harris is charged with criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment, and according to court papers obtained by the Staten Island Advance, he said he "thought it would be a good idea [at the time] to fire one round of a .38 in the air toward the swampland." Seriously, come on, one little round never hurt anybody!