A 22-year-old man with an apparent predilection for The Avengers series was arrested on Staten Island this week after allegedly stealing $114 worth of comic books from a store on New Dorp Lane. Cops say he was also carrying four packets of heroin with him.

The suspect, Nicholas Perciballi of Tottenville, was busted just after noon on Wednesday at JHU Comic Books in New Dorp. An employee told cops Perciballi entered the store and used the restroom, then asked to see the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. “He said, ‘Yeah, you have any Rocket Raccoon?’ " the employee, Dani Ward, told the Daily News, adding that she suspected he was hiding comic books under his clothes.

Indeed, cops say Perciballi had 12 books hidden under his clothes, a few of which fell out from under him as he left the store. Ward called police after he left, and they caught Perciballi not long after. “Not even 20 minutes later, a cop walked in and said, ‘Come with us. We got him,’ " she said.

Perciballi allegedly nabbed $114 worth of comics, including some vintage Avengers, X-Men and Hulk comics. He was also found with four packets of heroin on him, and police say he told them he stole the comics to support his habit and pay off legal fees from an earlier prescription pills bust.

He has been charged with petit larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal possession of a controlled substance.