A 21-year-old Staten Island resident was arrested today after he allegedly charged at an FBI agent who was part of a team exercising a warrant. Fareed Mumini was apparently holding a large kitchen knife and "attempt[ed] multiple times to stab [an agent] in the chest."

The task force members arrived at his Mariners Harbor home at 6:35 a.m. The Staten Island Advance reports, "Mumini's mother and sister answered and were instructed to exit the residence. Officers spotted Mumimi walking down the staircase and instructed him to sit on the couch, according to court documents." Then he allegedly attacked, but the agent was wearing body armor and was not seriously injured. Mumini also, authorities say, reached for an officer's rifle.

According to the FBI, Mumini "espouses violent jihadist beliefs and is a fervent supporter." From NBC New York:

Fareed Mumini was charged Wednesday with attempting to murder an FBI agent, though no serious injuries were reported in the scuffle, conspiring to provide material support to ISIS and trying to assist the terror group in carrying out an attack in the New York area, according to the complaint.

After his arrest, Mumini allegedly told investigators he had pledged his allegiance to ISIS and that he planned to travel overseas to join the group. If he wasn't able to join ISIS overseas, he allegedly planned to attack law enforcement officers at home, and was coordinating that plan with others.

Mumini is also accused of conspiring with Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year-old college student in Queens, who was charged with plotting to blow up NYC landmarks.