The South Shore National squad of Staten Island went down to Williamsport and certainly put up a fight in the World Series tournament, but in the end couldn't get the job done against San Antonio in a 4-1 defeat in last night's nationally televised game. Most little league double plays are prompted by careless baserunning by a kid who doesn't know how many outs there are, but San Antonio pulled off three DPs last night simply with their sharp fundamentals. The Texas tweens, who probably get to play all-year round without any real winter to deal with, were able to get themselves out of three separate innings in which South Shore National had loaded up the bases, twice with nobody out. Star lefty pitcher Angelo Navetta (pictured) got banged up and taken out early, not making it out of the 2nd inning. Manager Mike Zaccariello said after, "He just wasn't Angelo." Mayor Bloomberg saluted the Staten Island youngsters, saying he was "impressed by the spirit of the players and the devotion of the parents in the stands." After the defeat, the mayor said, "On behalf of the entire city, I congratulate them on a great season that is the stuff of dreams."